Today’s the day, readers. The Devil You Know (in ebook and hardcover) is now available, bringing the Brimstone Angels Saga to a close.

The Devil You Know Cover



Herein lie the answers to so many questions–WTF was Oghma talking about? Who exactly is Alyona? Why didn’t Havilar’s dress fit right? Who’s that dude at the end of Ashes of the Tyrant?–as well as proof that, yes, I did know how to end all those storylines, thank you very much. You just needed to be patient.

If you have not gotten a copy yet, you can find it at all fine booksellers. Or here.

I could make this whole post into a long, loving, ranting elegy, but instead, right now, I will leave you to your reading, and point you toward the acknowledgements at the end. Thank you, readers. Thank you very much.

Posted on Tuesday, 4 October 2016

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9 responses to “THE DEVIL YOU KNOW Release Day”

  1. Alex says:

    I just finished reading the book. It was good except that I can think of at least half a dozen ways that the situation with Alyona and Bisara could have been positively resolved based on other things that happened in this series and in other Forgotten Realms books.

    Anyway I was wondering, when you say that this is the last Brimstone Angels book, do you mean that it is the end of the current story arc, but that there will still be more books with the same characters? For example, R.A. Salvatore’s Drizzt books are sorted into many different series of 3-4 books each, but there’s also around 50 books with the same characters, even though he calls them different series. Will your books be like that? Or are you actually not going to write any more?

    Brimstone Angels is my favorite series, so please write more!

  2. Gyor says:

    In the Kobo e-book store it has a rating of 5 stars!

  3. Jon P says:

    I liked it, as always. But now I wonder when your next book will be out. Are you not allowed to write novels using DnD settings anymore?

  4. Robin Hilliard says:

    Thanks Erin, really enjoyed the series and look forward to reading whatever you next turn your hand to :-).

  5. Merlin says:

    The LAST BOOK! Oh my gawd…there really isn´t any hope left for WotC if they let you go….SERIOUSLY…none at all! Why oh WHY?
    That being said….I think the ending was absolutely beautiful. Things come full circle: it all began with Lorcan freeing Farideh from her bleak life in Arush Vayem. It was up to her what she made of that and she made a lot of it. And it all ends with her freeing Lorcan from his bleak existence in hell…and what he will make of this will be up to him…(and wouldn´t I like to KNOW….-.-).
    In many ways it was a happy ending but at the same time it made you feel wistful and sad, too. On top of that it was funny – Mot failing at breast handling…but staying true to his impy little anarchist self (not changing his name…or erm..her name) although being upgraded to an erinyes now.
    There´s closure to so many storylines but at the same time…there´s a lot of openings, wondrous adventures, fantastic possibilities, fun ahead….and we (the readers) will not be a part of that. It just makes the farewell very hard. So in the end it makes me feel wistful most of all.
    Great storytelling!!! WotC must be somehow opposed to that.
    Thank you <3… I never enjoyed any WotC series so much as this one…not even close.

  6. Joe says:

    Holy- So the series is over, the characters are off to live their lives behind the scenes and I’m mostly okay with that. Still, I’ll miss hearing about them like I’ll miss the characters from God Catcher.

    Tell us you’ll at least be sticking around in the Realms for a bit! You really blew me away with your writing from the first book of yours I picked up and I don’t know what I’d do with myself if this was it.

    Anyway, the series was, ah, karshoji excellent and so was the finale. Thank you.

  7. Marta says:

    One technical question: Is the hardcover the only option beside e-books? I don’t like the idea of buying a hardcover cause it will look weird next to my paperbacks 🙁 (No, I’m not weird – you’re weird!).

  8. Nikita says:

    I love this series, I am on the last book though I haven’t begun reading it yet!

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