OrcaCon Schedule

Hi all!

Checking in ahead of Orca Con, an excellent, inclusive gaming con that will be held this year in Bellevue, WA. If you are attending, I hope to see you! If you are not, I hope you check out what they have to offer and make plans for next year.

On Saturday at 4:00, I will be discussing “Geeky Parents Raising Geeky Babies,” with Mike ¬†Robles, Gabriel de los Angeles, Brittanie Boe, Kiva Maginn, and Tifa Robles. Come for practical advice, stay for the Tiny Mr. I stories.

On Sunday at 2:00, look for me at “A Day in the Life’ where I will talk about how to get anything at all done in this crazy modern world, along with Lynn Hardy, Britannie Boe, Liz Courts, Ari Marmell, and Jenn Sandercock.


Afterwards, I will be fleeing to the Oregon coast for a writing retreat, in the (probably vain hope) I will finish this book and then be able to talk to you about anything at all again.


Posted on Monday, 8 January 2018

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2 responses to “OrcaCon Schedule”

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  2. Nick Kimball says:

    Hey Erin!

    Can you tell your fans anything about the new book? Main characters? Premise?
    A slugline? Anything?


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