Writing About Dragons and Shit — my podcast about writing! Craft, business, and tangents with B. Dave Walters (@bdavewaltersand Treavor Bettis (@theTreavor). 

Dungeon Scrawlers: The Westgate Irregulars — a weekly actualplay I perform and DM in, set in the Forgotten Realms! Also on Youtube. Start here for the beginning or pick up here to see me DM! 

Concentration Check — a co-writing show I host on Twitch! Come join me and get some work done every Monday at 1:30 pm PT.

Champions of Lore — a Twitch show where we talk about all the lore that’s fun to know about that goes into the hit game, Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. With B. Dave Walters and Treavor Bettis. Watch live, every Wednesday at 11 am PT!

Idle Champions Presents — a recurring D&D actualplay where I perform as characters from the Brimstone Angels Saga! 

The Unfair Seas

A Fool’s Errand

The Trials of Mount Tiamat

Court of the Raven Queen

The Black Pits